Stock: Proximus (Belgium 20), ISIN: BE0003810273

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Sector Telecommunications Subsector Fixed Line Telecommunications
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Annual report 2017

Proximus is a Belgian telecommunications provider. In Belgium, Belgacom is the market leader in various segments. Belgacom provides fixed network services for consumers and retail companies. Belgacom also offers mobile and Internet services. Belgacom’s stocks are traded on the Euronext Brussels and the company is a component of the BEL20. (ISIN: BE0003810273 / Mnemo: BELG)

Proximus, the former Belgacom, is a multinational telecommunication company which was established in the year 1930 & is composed of Proximus SA and its subordinates like Proximus, Telindus , Scarlet , Proximus ICS and Skynet, together with its subsidiaries is the major and leading telecommunications corporation in Belgium . In the year 1930, RTT (Belgium's national telegraph and telephone company) came into existence and gets the telephone into the homes of a constantly growing segment of the Belgian inhabitants, but in 1922 the RTT is put back by Proximus, a self-governing public-sector corporation. Proximus with limited by shares under public law observes the commencement of the Proximus cellular network. & is entrusted to a subordinate, Proximus Mobile. The Belgian government gives Proximus a boost up by advertising 50 % minus 1 share of Proximus SA to the ADSB Telecommunications Association. This association was poised with Ameritech (SBC), Tele Danmark and Singapore Telecom, together with three Belgian financial establishment Sofina, Dexia and KBC.

On 1 January 1998, Proximus takes over Skynet, which was one of the major portals in Belgium. Proximus Skynet's actions change from being an Internet access supplier it turns out to be a provider of digital content and interactive marketing solutions. Proximus enters the market as the world of high-speed Internet by making a debut of ADSL in the Belgian market. Proximus becomes Belgium's first mobile operator that presents its customers with Internet access via GPRS. In 2003, Belgaco's new logo is introduced to a completely new style and colors obviously characterize a company reinventing itself. In 2004 Proximus enters the stock market with the significant operation within the European telecom sector. A year later Proximus and Swisscom Fixnet sign a deal to come together in their international carrier actions and hence combine their position in the worldwide market. Proximus TV was launched and was first digital television offering and makes the way of interactivity.

Proximus also gets your hands on the broadcasting rights to Belgian football for the next three seasons and Proximus grows to be the first mobile telephony operator in Belgium to offer 3G services to the general public. In 2007 the Proximus Group commence its first bundled offers uniting fixed/mobile telephony, ADSL and television. A year later Proximus launches the VDSL2 network which offers access to unmatched surfing speeds. The possession of Scarlet NV facilitates Proximus to go through a new market segment and strengthen its multiple offer in Belgium. Proximus purchase Mobile-for, a company which focuses on mobile payments for parking. Proximus also acquires Tango, Luxembourg's second mobile operator and innovates by beginning the Ping Pong brand, which is keen to be the sign of mobile payments. The company offers facilities and connectivity for voice and data services to telecommunications operators and extensive carriers all around the world. At present BICS is universally in the top 5 as an operator in terms of voice traffic and is the global leader in the field of signaling services for mobile operators.

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