Best cryptocurrency exchanges and brokers

Investing in crypto currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum is still very popular. On a crypto exchange it is possible to buy or sell altcoins or bitcoins or convert a cryptocurrency into another cryptocurrency.

Trading in these altcoins/bitcoins is possible on online exchanges, which we call cryptocurrency exchanges/brokers. Here we focus mainly on supply, convenience, trading costs and customer service.


The number one Belgian exchange among all cryptocurrency exchanges is Bit4you. This Belgian exchange does not only make it very easy to buy cryptocurrency, but also very cheap. It is in fact the cheapest broker/exchange in the Netherlands, and for many traders it is the home base for crypto trading.

  • Offer: 30+ different crypto currencies
  • Convenience: Easy for beginners via the basic interface, and interesting for advanced traders via the advanced interface. Payments are easy with iDEAL or Bancontact.
  • Trading Costs: 0% trading costs and 2% cash in/out
  • Customer service: Easily accessible and quick response.


    Coinbase is an American company and is the world's largest broker/exchange with the most clients. Support is unfortunately not available in Dutch.

    Coinbase has also been listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange since 2021.

  • Offer: 30+ different crypto currencies
  • Ease of use: Easy for beginners
  • Trading costs: 1,49% per transaction
  • Customer service: Not in Dutch


    Kraken is one of the most popular crypto exchanges worldwide. The offer is very extensive, the costs are low and the platform works smoothly.

    If you really want to trade, Kraken is the best option for you.

  • Offer: 200+ different crypto currencies
  • Ease of use: Some experience is required, which is why Kraken is at position 3 and not 1. Suitable for people who really want to trade.
  • Trading costs: Up to 0.10% per transaction.
  • Customer Service: Difficult to reach and you have to wait a relatively long time for a response.
  • Strike: Receive interest on your crypto, this can amount to tens of percents.