Massive returns pharmaceutical stocks
Most of the shares in the pharmaceutical sector trade lower than most of the other sectors. On average...
Milos Bijanic | 16 Jan |
Huge dividend GEA Group Investors in GEA Group can expect a huge dividend payment. Based on the recent analysts' consensus the stock now has one of the highest dividend returns of the German market....
Within the pharmaceutical sector, we see a low diversification of the 12-months returns. Since January last year the sector is around 17 percent lower. Among the winners we find ProQR Therapeutics NV,Amarinoration...
Stocks with max. IV
Wolters Kluwer
Walt Disney
Highest dividend
Groot Handelsgebouw 203.95 %
Sika 159.12 %
Acanthe Dev. 142.86 %
Istar Financial Inc 102.30 %
Micro Small Mid Large Mega
2012 Cash Rich Firms O'Neills Can Slim Fundamentele Vuistregel Oberweis Octagon Dividend Super Stars
2013 Return on Equity Josef Lakonishok David Dreman Magic Formula Greenblatt Magnet Kimmel
2014 Buffett Hagstrom Benjamin Graham Templeton Price to Sales O'Shaughnessy
2015 Benjam Graham Peter Lynch Richard Beddar James Montier Walter Schloss
2016 Graham Number Piotroski Groei KW 5-10 Hoog dividend puur Fama & French
Highest CAPE
Culp Inc 88569.00
Catamaran Corp 6475.00
Xior 3920.00
Coca-Cola HBC 2544.00
Lowest CAPE
EEII AG -5555.00
ADC SIIC -4933.33
Data Respons -3700.00
Cast -3272.73