Intellectual Property Photos

With our sites we also offer photos and videos. These are made by our editors and therefore the intellectual property and other rights are with us. If you want to use a photo of us, this is of course possible.

Photo rates

Rate 1 is EUR 125 and applies to:

  • websites of associations and foundations that have a registration in
    • The Crossroads Bank for Enterprises for Belgium / Chamber of Commerce – Chamber of Commerce for the Netherlands (Benelux)
    • The Infogreffe database (France)
    • The Companies House database (UK)
    • The CORE database (Ireland)
    • The database of the Unternehmensregister (Germany)
    • The database of Zefix (Switzerland)
    • Whether they can be considered as a 'sufficiently established' association or foundation (US)
  • personal websites / blogs with a revenue model (eg advertising) or where there is a link to the professional activities of the website owner
  • websites of educational institutions
  • informative websites initiated by a legal person registered in one of the official company registers mentioned above, but without a commercial purpose

Rate 2 is EUR 175 and applies to:

  • websites of companies and self-employed persons
  • webshops and other websites with a clear commercial purpose
  • websites of newspapers and magazines
  • websites of political parties and professional interest groups
  • government websites

Rate 3 is EUR 250 and applies to:

  • multinationals

We will then send the photos to you in the original format. You can contact us for this via