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Stock: WDP (Bel mid), ISIN: BE0003763779

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Annual report 2015

WDP-SICAFI is a real estate capital company that owns and manages a collection of properties for professional use. The company is specialised in the developing of warehouse space, projects for third parties and investment operations. WDP stocks are traded on the Euronext Brussels and the company is a component of the BELMID. (ISIN: BE0003763779 / Mnemo: WDP)

Warehouses De Pauw or WDP is a Belgium based publicly-owned real estate investment conglomerate, primarily involved in logistics for renting warehouses. The company manages closed end real-estate investment funds as one of the main European leaders investing in the development and rental work of semi industrial real estate possessions. The company has been headquartered in Wolvertem, Belgium and has been traded on the continuous market of Euronext Brussels (being a part of BelMid). The company has acquired a numerous amount count of 90 properties, covering an amount of 1,659,621 sq meters area (according to the data of December 31, 2011).

The company has developed expertise in the sale and leaseback operations in the locations of many of the European countries including Romania, Czech Republic, France, Netherlands and Italy besides its main coverage area of Belgium, and thus actively involved in investing in all these areas. Main dominating areas for the company involves the West and Central European part. The renting criteria are based on long term storage and distributing facilities, for example logistics or industrialized manufacturing purposes. The specialization of the company is in providing rental services for multi-functional warehouses, store rooms, logistics, distributed centers and industry purposes real estate deals available within Belgium and in other European places. The company has a high-flying existence in the logistics-axis Amsterdam-Antwerp-Brussels Lille Paris, along with a lot of growth in the portfolios within the locations in Romania.

One of the main works of the company is to avail the lodge facility for the logistics and distributing centers, or we can say, renting of a multi-purpose warehousing or industrial possession within the prime areas of Europe. An expertise arrangement of links in supply chains is availed, along with the storage services and solutions for the same. The facility of the warehouse is availed as such to be matched according to the requirements of the user and also to the designing sales and rent-back operations, to make sure that the projects have been handled out in a personalized and customized way. WDP is mainly known for availing the facility of newly made and well insulated properties, which can meet the criteria of maintaining the work with sustainability and renewable-energy conditions. This ensures greener storing and distributing promises and warehousing at much cheap resources that are closer to the natural usage properly. Thus, many of the technically used needs and services for the installation work within the properties in evolving according to the change of logistics sectors. The company is continually making hold of more and more possessions now for generalized corporate industry, which might include financial and operational activities, capitalized expenses, properties and re-financing of current liability.

Contact info:Street: Princenhagelaan 1-A2 NLZip Code: 4813 DA BrCity: BredaCountry: BelgiumPhone: 31 765 236 650Email: info-nederland@wdp.euWebsite: