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Annual report 2019

IBM Corporation
IBM Corporation (IBM) is the Information Technology firm that is well known for the manufacturing and servicing of Computer hardware and software and providing the integrative solutions for leveraging out the IT and business processing and also the consultancy for the same all over the world. The activities that have been carried out by this company for around the past 100 years includes the software and hardware, consultancy-firms along with the researching and financing of all of these. The company had been headquartered at Armonk, New York, US and had been founded in 1911 at Endicott, New York, US by Charles Ranlett Flint. The current Chief Executive Officer of the company is Ginni Rometty. The patenting of the company products had been carried out the largest number of time for twenty of the successive years with the working strength of the employees ranging to the number of 433,362 as the data provided in 2012 having 12 of the researching labs all over the world.
The main areas of the manufacturing and marketing includes the main-frame computers and their devices and the nano-technology advancements with the offerings of the infrastructure, consultancy and hosting of all of the provided services for the customers. The trading of shares for this company had been done by the New York Stock Exchange and is one of the components of Dow Jones Industrial Average index, NYSE, S&P 500 Component. One of the data according to the findings of 2012 is that the revenue has reached to 106.916 billion $ along with the assets and equity of 119.21 billion $ and 18.86 billion $, respectively. And the net income comes out to be 16.60 billion $. The company had been ranked according to many of the criteria of Fortune in 2012 and those includes the second number for the number of its working strength; fourth in the area of market capital; ninth positions for the profitability consideration; nineteenth for the revenue; And the global consideration includes the ranking of the company to be 31st in its position for the revenue.
There are some of the famous inventions that have been done by this company and those includes Automated teller machine (ATM), Floppy disk, Hard disk drives, Electronic key-punch, Magnetic stripe-card, Virtual machine, Scanning tunneling microscope, Reduced instruction set computing, Relational database, Universal Product Code, Financial swap, SABRE airline reservation system, Dynamic Random Access Memory and Watson artificial intelligence. There are several examples of the companies that are names under IBM as the branding items and include SPSS and PwC consulting, Lexmark, ThinkPad and Lenovo. There are some of the divisions for the company and that may be categorized as Global Technology Services, Global Business Services, Software AG , Systems & Technology and Global Financing.

Contact info:Street: 1 New Orchard RoadZip Code: 10504City: New YorkCountry: USAPhone: 9144991900Email: Ginni RomettyCFO: Martin Schroeter