QUALCOMM, Inc. (NASDAQ:QCOM) Cutting Its Reliance on Apple

Investors are concerned about Qualcomm , Inc. (NASDAQ:QCOM) after several reports claimed that Apple was mulling over to end its partnership with Qualcomm and start using Intel chips. However, analysts think that Apple accounts for only 9% of the total revenue of Qualcomm , and it’s about time Qualcomm cut its reliance on Apple and start looking for new revenue streams. However, it’s important to note that Apple cannot dispense with Qualcomm completely. A latest report by Tech Insights show that Apple Watch 3 is powered by chips made by Qualcomm . Qualcomm ’s biggest growth catalysts include 5G and driver-less cars. Last month, Qualcomm tested its first ever 5G smartphone.

Over the current book year the total revenue will be 8,48 billion euros (consensus estimates). This is slightly more than 2016's revenue of 7,92 billion euros.

Historical revenues and results DSM plus estimates 2017

fundamental data

The analysts expect for 2017 a net profit of 665 million euros. For this year most of the analysts expect a profit per share of 3,86 euros. The price/earnings-ratio therefore equals 19,37.

For this year the analysts expect a dividend of 1,85 euros per share. DSM 's dividend yield thus equals 2,47 percent. The average dividend yield of the chemical companies equals a limited 0,96 percent.

Latest estimates around 80 euros

The latest 3 recommendations for the chemical company were provided by Goldman Sachs , Berenberg and Credit Suisse .

DSM 's market capitalization is based on the number of outstanding shares around 13,08 billion euros.

At 13.35 the stock trades 1,28 percent higher at 74,75 euros.

Price data DSM 2007-2017

fundamental data dsm

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