Stock: Apple (US large caps), ISIN: US0378331005

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Annual report 2019

Apple is a manufacture of personal computers and hardware entertainment. Products from Apple are the MAC OS X operating system, the iPod, and a wide range of software products. Apple’s stocks are traded in New York and the company is a component of the NASDAQ 100-index (ISIN: US0378331005/ Symol: AAPL).

Apple Introduction

The company was initiated by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne in April 1976. The aim of the company was the development and sale of Wozniak's Apple I personal computer. In 1977, the company was incorporated as Apple Computer, Inc. The company showed a significant progress in the sales of computers, including the Apple II which added more revenue to the company.

Leading Company for software and hardware products

Apple has become a prominent American company for manufacturing computer softwares and customer electronics. It is well known for designing a vast variety of Macintosh iPad, iPhones, iPods and computers. The computer software manufactured by the company varies from the iLife, the safari web browser, the iOS, and the iTunes.

The products of the company are available in more than 350 stores in different countries worldwide. These products are also available in an online store offering both hardware and software. In the year 2018, Apple Inc was ranked the top most companies with regard to market capitalization. It is the largest company in the world which has a high profit and revenue generation.. By September last year, this company had nearly 50,000 employees on the full term basis. Apparently the company has a very established reputation in the electronics industry. The shares of this company are traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange market.

Contact info:Street: 1 Infinite LoopZip Code: 95014City: CupertinoCountry: USAPhone: (408) 9961010Email: info@apple.comWebsite: Timothy D. CookCFO: Peter Oppenheimer