Stock: Intel (US large caps), ISIN: US4581401001

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Sector Technology Subsector Semiconductor industry
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Annual report 2019

Intel is one of the multinational corporation for the production of the semiconductor chips that has revolutionized the computers and Internet usage from more than past 30 years. This company has been situated in Santa Clara, California and had been initially founded on 18th of July in 1968 by the pioneers of the semi-conductors devices, Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore and with the visionary ideas of Andrew Grove. Intel had invented the x86-series of the micro-processors that is used as a basic processor in most of the PC’s. Currently, the Chief Executive Officer and President of the company is Paul Otellini and Andy Bryant as its Chairman having a total working strength of more than 1 lakh employees. Intel is one of the largest and highly valuable semi-conductor chip producers in terms of the revenue all over the world and has been a component of Dow Jones Industrial Average index, the trading of shares being handled by New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, INTC and also present in the listings of S&P 500 Component. Talking about the revenue generation of the company, it has been estimated to be 53.34 billion $ as is the case in 2012 with the total assets and equity estimates of 84.35 billion $ and 51.20 billion $ making a total net income to be 11.00 billion $.

Contact info:Street: 2200 Mission College BlvdZip Code: 950541549City: Santa ClaraCountry: USAPhone: (408) 7658080Email: RoHS@intel.comWebsite: Brian KrzanichCFO: Stacy J. Smith