Stock: JP Morgan Chase (US large caps), ISIN: US46625H1005

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Annual report 2019

JPMorgan Chase
JPMorgan Chase & Co. is a multi-national Banking and Financial conglomerate for providing investments, securities and retail servicing to the consumers and businesses and is one of the largest investing banks. Corporate headquarter of this company is at 270 Park Avenue, Midtown, Manhattan, New York, while the retailing and commercialized department has been head-quartered at Tower, Chicago Loop, Chicago, Illinois, United States. The company has been formed when the merging of two of the different companies i.e. Chase Manhattan Corporation and J.P. Morgan & Co had been done back in 2000 and has now become one of the biggest four banks of US among other namely Citigroup, Wells Fargo and Bank of America. The company has around 2.6 lakh employees and operating in around 50 countries all over the world with an estimated assets amount of around 2 trillion $ and as per the Forbes Magazines, JPMorgan Chase is the second largest public company that is ranked by a complex data of this magazine. Overall, it is the largest bank in US if the assets of this company are being considered for doing the comparison, who’s CEO, Chairman and President is Jamie Dimon.
Moving forward to more of the financial stuff, the trading of shares are being carried out with the help of New York Stock Exchange and S&P 500 Component and is also in the components of Dow Jones Industrial Average. As long as the revenue generation in the year of 2012 is been considered, the company has a estimate of around 97.03 Billion US$ with the net income of 21.28 Billion US$ for the same year. The products coverage of this company involved the banking and financial banking services involving consumer-banking, credit card, financial loans, corporate-banking, private-banking, wealth management, banks investment, asset management, financial transactions, private property management, Fiduciary activities, and security services on both the smaller and commercialized levels.
The auxiliary units of JPMorgan Chase includes some of the worldwide brands including J.P. Morgan & Co., J.P. Morgan Cazenove, One Equity Partners Chase and others. Chase brand is mainly involved in providing the credit cards servicing in US and Canada, retailing bank activities in US and commercialized banking. The assistance that is provided with the help of this company involves the advices on corporate strategies and structuring patterns to be followed for the capital raising, debt-markets, making money in security programs and other primary brokerage and researching areas. The company has been divided into 6 of the divisions which are involved in carrying out the processes of their own groups as the work has been divided and the six divisions can be named as Investment Bank, Retail Financial Services, Card Services and Auto, Commercialized Banking, Treasury and Securities Services and Asset Management.

Contact info:Street: 270 Park AvenueZip Code: 100172070City: New YorkCountry: USAPhone: 2122707325Email: JPMCinvestorrelations@jpmchase.comWebsite: www.jpmorganchase.comCEO: James DimonCFO: James A. Bell