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Stock: Unilever (NL Amsterdam 25), ISIN: NL0000009355

Last Price 50.94 Max Price 57.56
Min Price 46.20 1 Year return 9.31
Avg. Target 54.01 Expected Return 6.03 %
Sector Consumer Goods Subsector Food Producers
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Annual report 2018
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Unilever is one of the world’s leading consumer goods companies. Unilever produces and markets products in the foods, home and personal care sectors across the world. In fact, brands such as Dove, Magnum, Hellmann’s and Lipton are used by over half the families in the world every day. Unilever’s stocks are traded on the Euronext Amsterdam and on the London Stock Exchange (ISIN: NL0000009355/ Mnemo: UNA).


This transnational consumer company is owned by both the British and the Dutch with key locations in London and Rotterdam. The company was created after British soap makers, Level Brothers and Dutch margarine manufacturer, Margarine Unie decided to collaborate and work together in September 1929.
Unilever rapidly increased its operation to reach more customers globally during the 20th century. The company presently owns several research and development facilities in various parts of the world. The structure of Unilever is in four main divisions; Refreshments, Foods, Home Care and Personal Care. Some of the products that the company manufactures include; cleaning agents, personal care products, food, and beverages. The company was recognized as the largest consumer goods company in the year 2012 and has been ranked as the seventh most valuable company in Europe.
Unilever also among the oldest multinational corporations with its products available to 190 countries. The company owns over 400 brands which include Omo, Dove, and Heart band. Furthermore, it is primarily listed on London Stock Exchange and Euronext Amsterdam. Some of the corporations acquired by Unilever are; Brook Bond, Best Foods, Dollar Shave core, and, Ben & Jerry. In the year 2015, the company slowly moved its concentration to the production of health and beauty brands resulting in slow growth of food brands.

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