Disappointing Financial Guidance by Facebook

The financial results of four stock market icons kept on growing the first week of August and showed amazing trends. Here is an insight into the financial moves of Facebook , General Motors , Intel and Exxon mobile.

Drastic fall Facebook

Facebook faced a drastic fall in its earning in the second quarter and as a result Facebook did not pay any dividends to its stock holders. It has been predicted that investing in some new products will give a boom to Fb stocks. As far as General Motors is concerned, it lost its outlook because of the wrong policies of Donald Trump that made the prices of aluminum and steel to raise. As a result the stock prices fall above 6%. Besides the high prices, the foreign exchange policies of Argentina and Brazil also impacted the stock value of GM.

Intel faced a fall of 6% in its overall earnings, despite of the prediction made by the analysts who forecasted that it will earn revenue of $16.77 billion this fall in income turned the investors quite disappointed. The fall in income is expected to be a result of its CEO Brian Krzanich resignation from his post. The previous week for Exxon Mobil was a period of boom for this iconic company as it experienced a 38% rise in its viewership and its stocks raised to more than 4%.

Though this bleak review made by social media for the 1st quarter of August proved to be quite disappointing but investors are hopeful that the coming future will be awesome for these four stock icons.


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