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Stock: Orange Belgium (Bel local), ISIN: BE0003735496

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Annual report 2017
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Mobistar is a Belgian telecommunications provider and subsidiary of Orange S.A. Mobistar is one of Belgium’s largest companies. The company provides mobile internet, telecommunications (fixed and mobile) and data transmission services. (ISIN: BE0003735496 / Mnemo: MOBB)


Orange (the former Mobistar) is the second largest mobile telecommunications conglomerate in Belgium operating via GSM networking, fixed line telephony solutions for international calling, ADSL Internet and digitized TV services. The company is an active subsidiary of Orange group primarily in the France Telecommunication SA mobile division. The company was founded back in the year of 1996, as a joint venture of Telinfo with France Telecom for the construction of GSM-900 and thus for laying down a DCS-1800 networking has been done. The company has been headquartered in Brussels, Belgium and currently being handled with the help of two of the main key personalities of the company named as Jean-Marc Harion, Chief Executive Officer and Jan Steyaert as the Chairman of the group along with having a total working strength of 1,804 employees. Being the second position within Belgium, the company has its competitors as Proximus (owned by Belgian’ Telco Belgacom) and Base (an auxiliary unit of Dutch KPN).

Around 52 % of the shares of the company are possessed by France Telecom company ASB (Atlas Services Belgium), becoming the majority holder and owner of the company and thus it is being treated as one of the subsidiaries of Orange mobile division (member of FreeMove alliance). And related to this, the overall shares of the company are marketed on Brussels Stock Exchange. As long as revenue generation of the company is being considered, an estimation of 1.66 billion € has been derived according to the data of 2010, along with the operating income of 373 million € with the overall profitability being turned to 263 million €. The total assets and equity of the company has been estimated to be 1.30 billion € and 431.2 million €. Telenet, Mobile Plus, Orange SOS and Simply are the main mobile virtualized networking operator(s) used by the company.

Starting with the mobile and fixed telephony services of ADSL, text messages, prepaid calling cards, mobility for businesses, games and provision of satellite Television operations, the company has a vast area of coverage with both the post-paid innovative and pre-paid residential solutions for its customers. It facilitates the integrative communication servicing including both the high-speed internet with DSL fixed-telephony and thus both connectivity & mobility are added to the company’s portfolio. Other offerings of the company include Orange World for enabling the assessing of mobile phone(s), ADSL Voice for granting Internet usage and fixed-telephony with the help of VoIP technique. The solutions are provided to both the private or residential users and to the corporate ones including Wirefree Office or enabling the sending of text messages within an official area, Orange One Office Voice Pack as a combo for fixed and mobile telephonic service. The selling of telephones, Ipads, compact PC’s and smart phones are also been included in the list of the products of the company.

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