Stock: KBC (Belgium 20), ISIN: BE0003565737

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Annual report 2018

KBC Group NV is responsible for the coordination of general strategy, capital allocation, profitability, major strategic investments, risk management, general ALM policy, budget and profit planning supervision and auditing. KBC Group does not carry out any financial-service-related business, but is responsible for a number of integrated support activities ( marketing, logistics and IT) for the group’s Belgian companies. (ISIN: BE0003565737 / Mnemo: KBC)

KBC Bank N.V. is a widespread multi-channel bank that is based in Belgium, with giving special attention to private clients and SME. Apart from retail banking, insurance and asset management operations (which is done in partnership with its sister companies named as KBC Insurance NV and KBC Asset Management NV), KBC is vigorous in debt capital markets in Europe, cash equity markets and also deal in corporate banking, rental, factoring, reinsurance, private equity and finance in Belgium, Central and Eastern Europe. The KBC Group N.V. is the parent company, which is the foremost business corporation and the subsequent leading bancassurer in Belgium. KBC Bank is considered as 18th biggest bank in Europe and a main financial competitor in Central and Eastern Europe. The company provides employment to over 51,000 staff globally (of which 31,000 in Europe and Russia) and helping more than 11 million clients internationally.

The group is operated by an association of core shareholders with control of 41% while the core shareholders of KBC Ancora/Cera assembly manages 30%, MRBB controls approximately 13% and remaining 11% is controlled by industrialist group. The free float was primarily apprehended by an outsized range of global institutional investors which is approximately 45% UK or US based. The company's shares are quoted on the Euronext exchange in Brussels and the Luxembourg Stock Exchange. The group's in general aspire is to be a self-governing, medium-sized supplier of Bank Insurance Model for private clients and ventures in preferred European countries, with a spotlight on asset management and in financial markets. The Catholic Volksbank van Leuven was established in the year 1889, it was considered as one of the most primitive antecedent of the KBC Bank. One more ancestor was the Bremer Vorschussverein which was again established in the same year and transformed later intoBankverein Bremen AG.

In 1935 both Algemeene Bankvereeniging and Volksbank van Leuven bank amalgamated with the voor Handel en Nijverheid bank to formed Kredietbank, which was. The only Belgian financial organization under Flemish control and survived financial crisis of the great depression of the 1930s. The Kredietbank extended itself into Belgian Congo and formed a branch in Léopoldville in 1952. Then in 1954 it gets hold of Banque Congolaise pour l’Industrie, Le Commerce, et agriculture and renamed it Kredietbank-Congo. After the independence of Belgian Congo in 1960, the bank stopped its Congolese operations in 1966. In 1998, the Kredietbank amalgamated with two financial organizations Boerenbond insurance and CERA Bank, to become the 'KBC Bank and Insurance Holding Company'. In 2005, KBC by merging with its parent company, Almanij set one more landmark and changed its name to KBC Groep NV. KBC Group NV is the direct parent company of KBC Bank, KBC Insurance, KBC Asset Management, Kredietbank SA Luxembourgeoise and ValueSource Technologies, Chennai, INDIA.

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