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Stock: Colruyt (Euronext Bel20), ISIN: BE0974256852

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Annual report 2017

Colruyt is a Belgian family company that has become one of the major players in the Belgian retail network with a unique sales strategy and more than 170 shops throughout Belgium. Colruyt’s stocks are traded on the Euronext Brussels and the company is a component of the BEL20. (ISIN: BE0003775898 / Mnemo: COLR)

Etablissementen Franz Colruyt N.V. - Établissements Franz Colruyt S.A., typically known as Colruyt, it is a Belgian family owned retail business. Colruyt was founded in the year 1925 by Franz Colruyt, the company today is appreciably recognized for its eponymous discount supermarket chain, which is one of the most important business unit, particularly in Belgium. Colruyt is having its headquarters in Halle and is having an operation in Belgium, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. The Company's key business is its Colruyt discount supermarket stores, which is spread in Belgium with its chain in over 200 locations. The brand contends straightforwardly with discount retailers such as Aldi and Lidl. Other food retail corporations controlled by the company comprise of the grocery store chain OKay and the organic supermarket Bio-Planet. Colruyt is one of two franchises of the SPAR brand in Belgium and in France Colruyt work as the Coccinelle chain of supermarkets.

Colruyt Group apart from having the supermarkets in Belgium, France and Luxembourg also manage the DATS 24 petrol stations, the OKay shop formula, DreamLand and Bio-Planet. At present the Colruyt Group comprises of a lot of subordinates and provides employment to more than 20,000 individually. The company is steadily growing but yet remains rooted with the Belgian family business. The company keeps its focus on retail trade and associated activities and purposeful chaos of simplicity and efficiency. Company decisively selected sustainable growth and perform economic tasks with utmost respect for man and environment, working hard on saving energy and investing in renewable energy. They make an effort for smoother mobility and devoting to education, professional training and better working conditions in the South. At last, Colruyt Group believes that it is vital for the employees to feel good about their job and about themselves which helps them to get more productivity, also offering training and career opportunities.

Colruyt determinedly chose a discount approach as a distributor to get to plain stores where the customer can shop swiftly, proficiently and enjoys the lowest prices. To promise the lowest price for each product, Colruyt tracks the prices of the other large stores when their employee record prices of various products across stores all over the country and numbers are further crunched by operations to compete with special offers and promotions of competitors. To promise the lowest prices, Colruyt keeps its expenses down to a minimum. That is why the stores are plain and without unnecessary add-ons & music. Also offering resourceful and energy-saving lighting, heating and refrigeration. There is a Bio - Planet that finds favor with customers who are mindful about their body and diet.

They prefer to have organic products & enjoy them for various reasons out of which primary is a health or from conviction. The Colruyt Group decisively selects sustainable growth and fulfills its economic operation with utmost respect for man and environment. The new project is reviewed for its cost-effective, environmental and social value. As a result, projects that are reasonably promising may not be implemented because they are not having the ecological or social level (or vice versa).

Contact info:Street: Edingensesteenweg 196Zip Code: 1500 HalleCity: HalleCountry: BelgiumPhone: 32 (0)2 360 10 Email: service.clientele@colruyt.beWebsite: