Stock: Wereldhave (NL Amsterdam Midcap), ISIN: NL0000289213

Last Price 7.90 Max Price 22.04
Min Price 6.00 1 Year return -70.74
Avg. Target 11.52 Expected Return 45.82 %
Sector Financials Subsector Real Estate
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Annual report 2018

Wereldhave invests in office buildings, shopping centres, industrial property and apartments in Belgium, Finland, France, the Netherlands, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States. Wereldhave has at its disposal an integrated organisation for the development, investment and management of its properties with local offices in each of these countries. Wereldhave’s stocks are traded on the Euronext Amsterdam, and Paris, and the company is a component of the CAC40- and AMX-index (ISIN: NL0000289213/ Mnemo: WHA).

Contact info:Street: 23 NassaulaaZip Code: 2514 JT TPostbox: P.O. Box 85660City: The HagueCountry: NetherlandsPhone: 31 70 346 93 25Email: