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Annual report 2017

Galapagos was founded in 1999 as a joint venture between Crucell (formerly IntroGene) and Tibotec. From the start, Galapagos has operated a hybrid business model, combining internal discovery programs with service activities. The joint venture operated until 2002 when the Company raised €23.4 million in a private placement. In May 2005, the Company raised €22.4 million through its initial public offering on the Euronext Brussels (Ticker symbol: GLPG) and Euronext Amsterdam (GLPGA) stock exchanges. In October 2005, Galapagos acquired BioFocus, a drug discovery company based in Saffron Walden, UK, through an all share offer, giving BioFocus shareholders a 29% state holding in the enlarged Company. (ISIN: BE0003818359 / Mnemo: GLPG)

Galapagos in short

This is a Belgo-Dutch company that deals in pharmaceutical research. Galapagos was formed in the years 1999 and is currently situated in Mechelen in Belgium, it also has other locations such as Basel, Zagreb, Leiden and Romainville. The foundation of Galapagos is found in the collaboration between Tibotec and Crucel, which gave it the present name, also, the company is currently manned by a Dutch CEO by the name; Onno van de Stolpe.

Galapagos main operations are centered in the production of drugs used for treatment of diseases such as Cystic fibroids, ulcerative colitis, rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erythematous.

The company research activities are technologically based, these research focuses on adenoviruses which are used to put the sequences of human genes into various cells for purposes of kicking in or out specific kinds of proteins. Some of the drugs currently being developed by the company are GPR84-inhibitor and Filgotinib. Filgotinib will mostly be sold to customers who needs treatment of Crohn's disease and Rheumatoid arthritis, which primarily affects the joints. The company is also presently conducting an intensive research that is focused at production of drugs that can be used to by people with inflammatory bowel related disease conditions.

Galapagos is a multinational biotech corporation focused on developing novel medicines. Galapagos is headquartered in Belgium. the Company provides employment to around 800 people and also reported a revenue of 153 Million in the year 2012. Galapagos established in 1999, which was a joint endeavor between Crucell and Tibotec. From the beginning, Galapagos has functioned on a hybrid business model, uniting domestic discovery plan with service operations. In 2002 the Company reported to raise 23.4 Million Euro in a private placement later in May 2005, the Company during an initial public offering on Euronext Brussels and Amsterdam (ticker symbol: GLPG) raised 22.4 Million Euro.

Galapagos raised another 90 Million Euro through private placements in the year 2006, 2009 and 2010. The company earned additional 4.4 Million Euro in the course of an equity investment by GlaxoSmithKline in 2007. Through an ADR listing, Galapagos started trading in the U.S. OTC market below the ticker symbol GLPYY. Euronext life begins dealing in options for the Galapagos share on 30 April 2013, under the ticker symbol GLS.

In December 2006 Galapagos obtained ProSkelia (France) from ProStrakan by means of an all-share business deal. With ProSkelia, Galapagos gets hold of R&D processed and a portfolio of products aimed at musculoskeletal diseases. Galapagos make a long-term association with leading pharma companies for the research programs. These risks sharing union facilitates Galapagos to put together a pipeline of approximately 30 programs, based mainly on proprietary targets that the corporation has acknowledged. Through this alliance policy, Galapagos is entitled to collect 2 Billion Euros in success reliant objective income plus sovereigns on marketable products. In October 2005 Galapagos obtained BioFocus, which is a drug invention corporation located in Saffron Walden, UK.

Subsequent year, Galapagos acquired Discovery Partners International and UK-based Inpharmatica Ltd. which were drug discovery companies. In 2008, Galapagos acquired Sareum Holdings PLC the structure-based drug discovery company. All these tactical acquisitions facilitate BioFocus to present a full suite of drug discovery products and services.

In February 2010, Galapagos acquired Argenta's service operations. Mutually, Argenta and BioFocus outline one of the world's major drug discovery service organizations, having more than 350 employees & with annual turnover of approximately 70 Million Euros. In January 2013, Galapagos determined to vary the focus of the Zagreb group to external outsourcing, producing a service process called Fidelta. Fidelta has approximately 100 scientists with an average experience of over 11 years in the pharma industry, and more than half of them having a PhD and global experience gained at prominent universities across Europe and the US. BioFocus' proficiency and with drug discovery services and goods has afford a finest spot in the emerging R&D outsourcing market. BioFocus' revenues have grown by 10-15% per annum ever since it was purchased by Galapagos.

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