Like Buffett, these investors are also bullish on Apple

Shares in Apple received a boost this month on news Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway took a new $1bn in the company in Q1.

EdenTree's Thomas Fitzgerald says Apple shares have faced recent pressure on fears over future iPhone growth, which is 66% of its sales. However, like Buffett, Fitzgerald is bullish on the tech giant's long-term prospects. "Beyond these near-term concerns, the anticipated launch of iPhone 7 will create fresh opportunity to take further market share," he says.

"There is also still a large upgrade opportunity within its existing installed base – with only 40% of iPhone users upgraded to the new generation 6 or 6S models." Hermes' Geir Lode adds: "There is work to be done in product transitioning in the US and Europe, but if you look at the quality of its product lines versus the competition and the enormous cash pile, we believe Apple remains in a very strong market position."

But T. Rowe Price 's Josh Spencer is less optimistic: "Like many others, we find the company and its products appealing. But there are signs the smartphone industry is starting to mature and Apple is trying to reinvent itself. "We are currently seeing more compelling opportunities to generate returns in the tech sector in areas such as cloud computing.