Analysts estimate dividend yield Arcadis near 4 percent

Huge increase Arcadis expected

Over the past book year the analyst estimate the revenue to be around 3,26 billion euros. This is way more than the 2014's revenue of 2,02 billion euros. The consensus of the analysts for 2015 is a net profit of 122,24 million euros.

For 2015 the consensus of the earnings per share of Arcadis is at profit of 1,53 euros. Based on this the price/earnings-ratio equals 10,95.

The consensus of the dividends per share is at 65 cents. Consequently the dividend return is around 3,88 percent. On average the stocks in this sector yield a dividend return of around 0,82 percent.

The stock Arcadis is covered by 8 analysts. The average target price for Arcadis is at 20,64 euros. This is 23 percent more than the current stock price of 16,75 euros.

The stocks Braas Mornier, BAM and Adva Optical in the sector The construction/infrastructure sector have the most buy recommendations. The 3 most recent recommendations for the construction/infrastructure sector were provided by KBC Securities (hold, 17,50 euros), Kepler Capital Markets (buy, 19,00 euros) and Rabo Securities (buy, 17,50 euros).

Arcadis 's book value/price equals 0,43. The construction/infrastructure sector now trades at a Shiller PE of 21.85. The stock now trades at 16,75 euros. This equals 14 times the 2014's earnings per share.