Best Dividend Stocks To Buy For Retirement Income

Everybody wants passive income when he or she retires one day. One of the possible options is to buy dividend stocks.

However, it is not that simple to build a portfolio of dividend stock due to today’s world of low-interest rate and skyrocketing stocks prices. U.S Treasury does not guarantee retiring people receive enough safe income nor does the 1.8 percent average yield among firms registered in the Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index.

We have several recommended dividend stocks you can consider buying for your retirement.

JP Morgan Chase & Co

Who does not know JP Morgan? One of the most valuable banks in America with stocks that have withstood the test of time. The company’s stock gives profit when interest rate rises. President Donald Trump replaced Janet Yellen with Jerome H.Powell as the new Federal Reserve governor revamped financial regulations, and introduced a tax reform. And JP Morgan is not affected by all those changes. Dividend yield: 2.1 percent

Verizon Communications Communications (VZ)

Despite the disappointing performance in 2017, there are always reasons to choose this company’s stocks. The value seems to be relatively stable no matter where the market goes. The pending net neutrality at least gives the telecommunication giant a room for growth. Dividend yield: 4.6 percent

Johnson & Johnson

The healthcare giant has been around since 1886. We all know its products, from babies’needs to medicine. The company’s stock has stood any turbulence and provides security for investors. J&J, along with Microsoft , also wins the highest AAA credit rating from Standard &Poor’s. Dividend yield: 2.4 percent.


Big Blue popularity may have been waning, thanks to the emergence of Alphabet and Microsoft . But IBM has been around for more than a century, and we all know the reputation. IBM is committed to paying dividends to its investors no matter what. The company’s payout per share has risen 1,400 percent larger in the last 20 years. Dividend yield: 3.7 percent.


The world’s largest telecommunication firm with a strong commitment to returning dividends to shareholders. Despite facing stiff competition in a wireless sector from T-Mobile and Sprint, AT&T is still reliable with its 5G network. Dividend yield: 5.2 percent. News Wire & Equity Research: +31 084-0032-842

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