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Stock: Warehouses Estates (Bel small), ISIN: BE0003734481

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Annual report 2017

Warehouses Estates Belgium (WEB) is a closed-end investment company which holds and manages a business property portfolio located in Belgium. The SICAFI, investment company closed-ended real, is an instrument of investment equivalent to the American REIT. It was created by the Royal Decree of April 10, 1995 and is with dimensions out of Stock Exchange. (ISIN: BE0003734481 / Mnemo: WEB)

Warehouses Estates Belgium

Warehouses Estates Belgium SCA or WEB SCA and Warehouses SICAFI is one of the well known real estate Investment Group, actively involved in investing and managing non residential properties in Belgium. The company has been founded back on the 10th of April in 1995, with the current status of Robert Jean Wagner as the CEO of the company and Christian Jacqmin as the Chairman of the Board. The company has been added in the list of Euronext Brussels stock exchange in 1st September, 1998 as WEB SCA and since then the company has succeeded in providing a significant amount of dividend to all of the shareholders, besides the hard economic conditions, and has recently completed 14 years of its successful journey in 30th September, 2012. The company investing capability has been increased with the investment amount of approximately 185 million € as against the past year investment of 169 million €, that has been marked as an achievement of 10 % increase.

As according to the data of 30 Sep, 2011, the possessions of the company can be determined with the help of acquirement of 61.3 % of land for commercialized buildings, 19.8 % for industrialized buildings, 10.6 % for offices and 8.3 % for warehousing purposes, making an overall count of land acquisition of 270 K sq. meters. This real estate investment firm can be considered to be as a mutually funded group, whose main services involves the offerings of its owned and growing real estate possession to the commercialized, industrialized and semi industrial businesses. There is the main involvement of international, ocietes national and public administrators has made the achievement of the company to a count of 250 lodger specialized customers.

Warehouses Estates Belgium SCA has one of the limitations of the distribution of its shares, thus making 2 of the main partners of the company. The first one is named as “Associates Limited”, the name appearing in WEB SCA, named as ‘Warehouses Estates Belgium’ with an abbreviation of ‘WEB SA’ in corporate terms. The main controlling authority for the first part is ‘Stichting Administratie Kantoor Valaur’ and is involved in handling of the responsibility and accountability of the company. The second partner or share-holders have limits to the responsibilities or input, and thus are rarely involved in harmonizing the overall work of the company. Although, they have no interference in the working of ‘WEB management SCA’, but are considered as a part of WEB SCA, as a legalized authority that are involved in the overall name in some way.

Contact info:Street: 29 Avenue Jean MermozCity: GosseliesCountry: BelgiumPhone: +32 71 259.259Website: