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Annual report 2018

Elia is Belgium’s transmission system operator and is responsible for the transmission of electricity. Electricity is transmitted over the high-voltage grid from electricity generators to the distribution system operators and large industrial consumers. As system operator, Elia organises transparent, objective and non-discriminatory access to the grid. Elia owns all of Belgium's 150 to 380 kV grid infrastructure and almost 94% of its 30 to 70 kV grid infrastructure. (ISIN: BE0003822393 / Mnemo: ELI)

Elia is Belgian based foremost energy company and is accountable for the transmission of electricity. On the high-voltage current is transported from producers to allocation system operators and most important industrial users. Elia offers a transparent, objective and non-discriminatory access to the network. Elia has possession of all of the Belgium grid infrastructure from 150 to 380 kW and approximately 94% of the network transportation of 30 to 70 KV. Elia is not just Belgium’s transmission system operator but also a major player at European level.

Elia is high-voltage transmission system operator in Belgium ranging over 30 KV to 380 KV, and operates over 8,000 km of lines and underground cables all the way through Belgium. Elia plays a critical role in the neighbourhood by transmitting electrical energy from generators to distribution systems, which deliver electricity to the consumer. Elia also plays an indispensable part in the financial system, as company's system supply power directly to business corporation connected to the grid.

Elia is also a foremost competitor in the energy market and the organized electricity system. The company has set up numerous initiatives endorsing the expansion of a well-organized, transparent and fair electricity market to the advantage of consumers. Elia provides employment to over 1,100 professionals in Belgium who are dedicated to dealing with prospect challenges but also manages the daily operation of a system regard as to be one of the most trustworthy in Europe. Elia provides its consumers an extensive range of products and services, starting from the grid connection to procures of green certificates and project research. Elia products and services comprise of Grid users and balance, Exchanges and metering of energy, Green certificates and the reasonable use of energy, and Services for third parties.

Elia is performing its task to make sure that the European electricity market is see-through and pleasant by distributing particulars about the Belgian electricity market within its legal obligations, for the reason that an EU directive endow with the publication of data on the electricity market in Belgium. The Belgian power network is an integral division of an interrelated network lengthening itself from Portugal to Poland and to preserve this balance between manufacture and expenditure within its grid, Elia set in motion a sequence of balancing mechanisms. The grid has to progress persistently if it is to meet imminent challenges. Elia’s future investments are set out in expansion plans. Some of the energy transmitted within a high-voltage grids disperse in the form of heat, ventilation cooling, timely so-called electrical losses.

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