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Stock: Intuitive Surgical (US Tech), ISIN: US46120E6023

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Annual report 2017

With its corporate headquarters located in Sunnyvale, California, Intuitive Surgical, Inc. serves customers throughout the United States and internationally, providing technology and procedural innovation across cardiac, urology, gynecologic, pediatric and general surgical disciplines. Since its first da Vinci System shipment, Intuitive Surgical has expanded its installed base to more than 300 academic and community hospital sites, while sustaining growth in excess of 25% annually. Intuitive Surgical’s stocks are traded in New York and the company is a component of the NASDAQ 100-index (ISIN: US46120E6023/ Symbol: ISRG).

Contact info:Street: 1020 Kifer RoadZip Code: 940865304City: SunnyvaleCountry: USAPhone: 4085232161Email: investor.relations@intusurg.comWebsite: www.inuiivesurgical.comCEO: Gary S GuthartCFO: Marshall L. Mohr