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Stock: Applied Materials (US Tech), ISIN: US0382221051

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Sector Technology Subsector Semiconductor industry
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Annual report 2017

Applied Materials is the global leader in manufacturing technology solutions for the electronics industry with a broad portfolio of innovative equipment, services and software products. Applied Materials innovates and commercializes the processing and manufacturing technology that helps semiconductor manufacturers produce the world's most advanced chips. Applied Materialsā€™ stocks are traded in New York and the company is a component of the NASDAQ 100-index (ISIN: US0382221051/ Symbol: AMAT).

Contact info:Street: 3050 Bowers AvenueZip Code: 95052ā€“8039Postbox: 58039City: Santa ClaraCountry: USAPhone: 14087485227Email: Investor_Relations@amat.comWebsite: www.appliedmaterials.comCEO: Gary E. DickersonCFO: Robert J. Halliday