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Annual report 2018

Exmar is a diversified and independent shipping group serving the international gas and oil industry. Apart from providing the ships for the transportation of these products, it also performs studies and undertakes the management of commercial, technical and administrative activities for companies related to the industry. Exmar stocks are traded on the Euronext Brussels and the company is a component of the BELMID. (ISIN: BE0003808251 / Mnemo: EXM)

Exmar is a multinational company that is a foremost & biggest independent LNG and LPG Carrier Owner and Operator having its headquarters in Antwerp. Apart from that the company is a well-known supplier of industrial marine and energy logistical solutions for transport, regasification and liquefaction in the oil and gas industry. Exmar with a trading experience of more than three decades company upholds a management profile with the industry's prevalent players through continuous modernization. Exmar carry on the evolution of pure shipping company to a contributor of a full value chain of infrastructure and incorporated logistics to tackle the industry's need for environmentally pleasant and competitively priced energy solutions.

Exmar endeavor to construct shareholder value over the long term by matching long and short-term contracts to offset volatility in the shipment market, collective with providing services that are customized as per the requirement of the customer. Exmar endeavors to sustain sustainable development by connecting the greatest importance to the superiority of its fleet, the security of personnel, equipments and the safeguard of the environment. Exmar is specialized in the operations involving the gas transportation and in meticulous transport of liquefied gases, such as LNG, LPG and NH. Exmar Offshore focuses on selective projects where it can bring supplementary worth, such as the stipulation of goods and services to the offshore oil and gas industry. Exmar is a fully incorporated contractor of pioneering LNG solutions along the complete LNG value chain.

Separately from its LNG Shipping operations with over 35 years of familiarity, the enthusiastic LNG Infrastructure division expands customized solutions both for upstream and downstream LNG ventures and services under long-standing contracts. Exmar has established the expansion of floating LNG import workstations through LNG Regasification Vessels. As expected in Q1 2015, Exmar is planning to have possession of and work with the world’s first floating LNG export terminal at the Caribbean coast of Colombia.

Exmar has been dynamic in the offshore business for more than 25 years and as such has a high level of comprehension and understanding in the ownership, management and operation of floating. Exmar shipping and offshore operations are accompanied by a full package of sustaining services. Clients trust company with the technical administration of ships and the assemblage of a professional crew. The company also acts as insurance brokers and have their own travel organization, this makes Exmar a worldwide service associate for all companies dealing in the mineral oil and gas industry.

Contact info:Street: De Gerlachekaai 20 Zip Code: B-2000 AntCity: BelgiumCountry: BelgiumPhone: 32 3 247 56 11Email: financial@exmar.beWebsite: