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Annual report 2018

EVS Broadcasting Equipment designs, manufactures and markets digital equipment and specific software aimed at cinema and television professionals. EVS Broadcasting Equipment stocks are traded on the Euronext Brussels and the company is a component of the BELMID. (ISIN: BE0003820371 / Mnemo: EVS)

EVS Broadcast is a multinational company that produces broadcast digital video production systems which had turned out to be the leading standard for broadcasters worldwide. Their XT3 production video servers facilitates the formation, editing, exchange and playout of audio and video feeds. The company reported to have more than 5,000 operators of all nationalities now use their applications on a daily basis. EVS has accomplished a considerable triumph in compressed video and audio data processing, and is endeavoring to preserve their market position in the voyage from analogue to digital television networks.

The indoctrination of the television networks comprises primarily of broadcasting prerecorded images which were stored on tapes. But linear editing or editing on tape is being reinstated by digital media or non-linear editing. Today, digital expertise on the hard disk is defined the most common alternative. There has been authentication of a voyage towards this technology even though it will still take another 5 to 6 years for the hard disk diffusion rate to boost from 30% to 70%. In the late 1990's Television stations began the transformation to tapeless interoperable computer platform. Video recorders were hardly ever used for live productions and EVS type digital media servers are the model in live broadcasting. In 1994 EVS was co-founded by Pierre Lhoest and Laurent Minguet.

Three years later, the corporation spends 30% of its capital in private funds which was an approximately of 4 Million Euro. For the first time in 1998, EVS was quoted on the stock exchange with a preliminary 14.8 Euro per share and was estimated at 204 Million Euro. EVS get hold of VSE, a hardware subcontractor in this transaction for an estimated of 4.5 million Euro.

EVS has revolutionized the specialized digital recording by becoming the first to introduce a hard disk drive, as an alternative of the traditional magnetic tape recording. After setting up its management in out the broadcasting sport manufacture, EVS began to influence their high value servers to address TV studio production with an entire variety of products from 2002. That tactical move augmented to a more than 40% uplift in 2012. Moreover, EVS established XDC in 2004, which is a pioneer in high definition cinema distribution, subsequent to several acquisitions, XDC was modernized within the Dcinex Group. In 2001, Laurent Minguet (director) stepped down to concentrate on the digital cinema industry. In 2007, he started construction of his own IMG corporation, which is a competitor in real estates and renewable energies. EVS was administered by its board of directors under the Michel Chansons guidance but in 2012, EVS sign up Joop JANSSEN as CEO of the company.

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