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Annual report 2019

Coca Cola
Coca-Cola group of manufactures & distributes who does marketing for non-alcoholic drinks for markets around the world. The Coca-Cola is a nonalcoholic beverage company which supplies diet and regular sparkling beverages and other types of beverages also. The Coca Cola’s company portfolio of brands comprise of Diet Coke, Fanta, Sprite, Coca-Cola Zero, vitamin-water, Powerade, Minute Maid, Simply and Georgia. This Company was founded by Asa Griggs Candler in the year 1892 and is headquartered in Atlanta, GA, United States. The shares of Coca-Cola are traded on the New York Stock Exchange and are part of the Dow Jones Industrial Average index.
When launched, Coca-Cola's 2 major ingredients were cocaine and caffeine. The cocaine & caffeine used in Coca Cola was derived from the coca leaf and from kola nut respectively, which resulted naming as Coca-Cola (the "K" in Kola was substituted with a "C" for marketing purposes).  The company's operating sector incorporate in Eurasia & Africa, Europe, Latin America, North America, Pacific, Bottling Investments and Corporate. The Eurasia & Africa segment is affianced in supporting the 2020 Vision by providing broad based volume growth and aim to deliver two digit volume growth for the year in the areas of East and Central Africa, the Middle East, North and West Africa, Southern Eurasia and Turkey.  The Europe segment is occupied in producing and executing various packaging policies to take action of consumer needs through the accessibility of family packaging and lower cost in packaging and improvements in the energy drinks category. It offers branded beverages easily obtainable to consumers throughout the world all the way through its arrangements of company owned or controlled bottling and distribution operations, bottling partners, distributors, wholesalers and retailers.
In the year 2011, Coca-cola was awarded as best global brand by Interbrand and with the market capitalization of US$167 Billion, it is one of the largest beverage company. Marketing and promotion strategy used by Coca Cola is the best throughout multinational companies; various marketing tactics led Coke to its supremacy on the world soft-drink throughout the 20th century. Coca Cola company manufactures concentrate, which is then sold to Coca-Cola bottlers all over the world. The bottlers having limited contracts produce finished goods in cans and bottles from the concentrate in mixture filtered water and sweeteners. The bottlers then sell, deal out and sell Coca-Cola to several retail stores and vending machines globally. Coca-Cola Enterprises is the major Coca-Cola bottler in North America and western Europe.

Coca-Cola Introduction

Coca Cola is a soft drink usually sold by shopping stores and restaurants worldwide and is also available through vending machines. The Coca-Cola’s headquarters are located in Atlanta, Georgia. It is recognized by a nickname Coke.

Inventors and formation of the company

It was first invented by Dr John S Pemberton. Afterwards a company was formed in 1886 producing various brands and flavors around the world. These Coca-Cola trade mark beverages include coke, sprite, Fanta and Dr Pepper, etc. Coca-cola enterprises also produce zero calorie beverage, energy drinks, sparkling waters, sports drinks, juices, milk and coffee based products, fruit drinks, and teas.

Revenue and income

It is one of the largest beverage company in marketing and producing and distributing coke products. According to the company, it is supplying its products in more than 200 countries. The company has around 7200 workers in Atlanta.

Exclusive rights of the company

Coca-Cola enterprises can’t run their businesses without prior agreements with the Coca-Cola company. The company keeps the exclusive rights to itself on marketing, producing and distributing the products. Many other beneficial agreements and transactions with the coca-cola company include arrangements for cooperative marketing, expenditures relating to advertisements, sweeteners purchasing and purchase of bottling territories.

Contact info:Street: One CocaCola PlazaZip Code: 30313Postbox: P.O. BOX 1734City: AtlantaCountry: USAPhone: (404) 6762121Website: www.cocacola.comCEO: Muhtar KentCFO: Gary P. Fayard