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Annual report 2018

Royal Dutch Shell is a global group of energy and petrochemical companies operating in more than 140 countries and employing approximately 112,000 people. Royal Dutch's activities also include the marketing, transportation and trading of oil and gas, providing oil products for industrial uses (fuels and lubricants for shipping and aircraft), generating electricity (including wind power), producing solar panels, producing petrochemicals (for plastics, coatings and detergents) and developing technology for hydrogen-powered vehicles.


This British-Dutch owned gas and oil Company is famously known all over the world as Shell. The Company was formed in 1806 after a corporation agreement between The Trading Company of the United Kingdom, The Royal Dutch Petroleum Company and The Shell Transport. It operated mainly as a dual listed company before being united as one 2005.
Despite having its main base in Netherlands, Shell is also incorporated in the United Kingdom. It is currently the biggest in Europe and also joins in the league of the world’s largest oil and gas producers at the sixth position. In 2013, Shell was listed first by Fortune Global 500 list of the world biggest companies, this listing was done at a time when the company’s revenue was about 84 percent of the Netherlands' $556 billion GDP.
Shell is extremely active in most areas of gas and oil industry such as production, transportation, and distribution and marketing. It further owns renewable energy operations including; hydrogen, biofuels and wind. As far as areas of operation is concerned, Shell’s activities are spread all over 70 countries, with a daily production of over 13 billion barrels. Furthermore, this huge oil and gas company has service stations totaling to 44,000 all over the world.

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