Tesla goes on the hunt for semiconductor chips

  • Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) plans to pay in advance for semiconductor chips in order to help keep up with global demand, according to Financial Times. The company is talking with chip suppliers in the U.S., Taiwan and South Korea about the issue.
  • Sources say Tesla is also looking at buying a plant as part of efforts to battle the global semiconductor shortage. Those discussions are said to be at an early stage.

    For this year the company from Palo Alto could earn a total revenue around 49.06 billion USD. This is according to the average of the analysts' estimates. This is hugely more than 2020's revenue of 31.54 billion USD.

    Historical revenues and results Tesla plus estimates 2020

    fundamantele data

    The analysts expect for 2021 a net profit of 4.92 billion USD. According to most of the analysts the company will have a profit per share for this book year of 4.54 USD. So the price/earnings-ratio equals a very huge 137.42.

    For this year analysts don't expect the company to pay a dividend. The average dividend yield of the automobile producers equals a good 2.75 percent.

    Latest estimates around 778 USD

    The most recent recommendations for the automobile producer are from Goldman Sachs , Credit Suisse and Jefferies & Co..

    Tesla 's market capitalization is based on the number of outstanding shares around 564.63 billion USD. The Tesla stock was the past 12 months quite unstable. Since last June the stock is even 254 percent higher. This year the stock price moved between 172 and 900 dollar.

    Historical stock prices Tesla past 10 years

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    On Tuesday the stock closed at 623.9 USD.

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