Stock: Fabryki Mebli Forte (Poland large and mid caps), ISIN: PLFORTE00012

Last Price 58.30 Max Price 61.50
Min Price 24.95 1 Year return 91.15

Fabryki Mebli Forte


Past year was a negative year for Fabryki Mebli Forte investors

The period between December 2015 and December 2016 was a profitable period for the investors in Fabryki Mebli Forte. The stock gained around 46 percent. Over the period 2011-2016 the stock rose a massive 841,95 percent.

Fabryki Mebli Forte's core business is the household goods sector. The global household companies gained around 34 percent over the period 2006-2016. As from 2011 the sector is 37 percent higher and over the past 12 months (December 2015-December 2016) there is a plus of 34 percent.

The Polish company didn't pay out any dividends (in the past 5 years).

Fabryki Mebli Forte' balance mostly financed with equity

At the end of 2015 the Polish company had a balance sheet of around 0 million zloty. The total debt was around 0 million zloty. This is percent of the total balance sheet.

All Fabryki Mebli Forte's annual reports can be found here. More information about Fabryki Mebli Forte can be found it's website. .