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Annual report 2017

Recticel manufactures mattresses and slat bases, marketed under well-known brands: Beka, Bultex, Epeda, Lattoflex, Merinos, Schlaraffia, Sembella, Superba, Swissflex, etc. Recticel is a Belgian group, operating not only throughout Europe, but also in the United States and Japan. Recticel has some 100 establishments in more than 25 countries and 11,300 employees. (ISIN: BE0003656676 / Mnemo: REC)

Recticel is an international conglomerate specialized in the manufacturing of polyurethane foam along with its conversion into products made from it involving automotive, insulated, industry and furniture products in a lineage for assuring comfort ability. The foundation of the company has been laid down back in the year of 1896 and has been headquartered in Brussels, Belgium. With the working strength of around 11,600 numbers of employees, the company has made its presence in over 130 locations present in 27 countries, responsible for handling the procedure of the vast amount of manufacturing and marketing of products. Along with headquarter in Belgium; the influence is also present in France, Germany, US, Asia and many other countries of Europe.

As long as the trading and shares of the company is considered, it has been listed on the stock exchange of Euronext Brussels, with an objective of achieving sustainable, value-added and profit making in the overall development of the company, which would be beneficial for all the share holders and customers. Segmentation of the company is done in 4 major divisions namely, Bedding, Automotive, Flexible foams and Insulation. In a broader sense, semi finished product range including Flexible foams and Automotive is mainly focused by the company but the manufacturing of finished products including Bedding and Insulation is also provided.

Starting with the ‘Automotive Division’, the lineage offerings include seated pads in coldly molded foam along with the manufacturing of other seats parts like side panels for seating, arm rests, head rests, etc., with the additional goal of attaching greater importance to innovative newer technologies for the evolution of a big change in this industry. ‘Bedding Division’ lineage is involved in the manufacturing of bed foams, slats, mattresses and other sleepy solutions. Beka, Epeda, Bultex, Merinos, Lattoflex, Literie Bultex, Schlaraffia, Sembella, Superba, Swissflex, and Ubica are the names of the brands using which the marketing of the products of the company is being done. ‘Flexible Foam Division’ or business line produces semi finished items made up of flexible polyurethane foam that is being used in a very large products range starting from rubbing pads, sponges, filter(s), paint-rollers, sealing items, packaging, auditory insulation, energy & vibration absorption, re-chargeable batteries, fire retardant foams for risky clothing, lightly stabilized foams, shoes, and ending in the sporty products. At last, ‘Insulation Division’ is there for the manufacturing of foam-boards for thermally insulting walls, roofs and floors; production of foam-blocks in strong PIR or PUR or phenolic foams; and for the offering of complex shaping from bends, segment(s), T-pieces and plates (which are large pieces of stiff foam-blocks), to be used as a way of industry installing mediums for the thermally insulated pipes for the construction of buildings. Powerwall, Powerdeck, Powerroof and Eurowall are the main brands used for the promotion and marketing of these thermally insulating products.

Contact info:Street: Avenue des Olympiades 2 Zip Code: 1140City: BrusselsCountry: BelgiumPhone: 32 2 775 18 09Email: desmedt.michel@recticel.comWebsite: