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Annual report 2015

Since the demerger of the company in 2001, Fluxys operates as an independent natural gas transport company. As a leader in the transport sector in the heart of Europe, Fluxys plays a key role in the expansion of competition within the European gas market. Fluxys has over 800 employees and a consolidated balance sheet total of 2,029 million euro (year 2002). Some 600 collaborators are responsible for maintenance, operation and development of our gas infrastructure: a natural gas transport network in Belgium comprising some 3730 km of pipeline, associated infrastructure, an underground storage facility and a terminal for liquefied natural gas (LNG) in Zeebrugge. (ISIN: BE0003803203 / Mnemo: FLUX)

Fluxys is a multinational company that is publicly traded, as a distinct business it was formed after the gas activity of the Distrigas Company were split. This was done as per agreement with the European orders on the liberation of energy. Fluxys’s main shareholders are publigas with 51.5% of the total shares and Electrabel which are a part of GDF Suez having approximately 38%. The Belgian State (represented by the Ministry of Finance) has a special share. Roughly around10% of the shares are listed. On March 24, 2010 a report came that GDF Suez would sell to Publigas, its stake in Fluxys latter's stake of almost 90% in Fluxys. It was further agreed that would take over Fluxys and Fluxys LNG in the Interconnector UK. Shares the interests of GDF Suez the counterpart on electricity transport is Elijah. Regulated by law, Fluxys is a monopolist, it manages to be only the Belgian gas network. For the determination of tariffs, the government designated the CREG, the Commission for the Regulation of Electricity and Gas, as supervisor.

The core activities of Fluxys concern in transporting large volumes of natural gas to large industrial customers, power plants that operate on gas, and the distribution networks. The transit of such large volumes of natural gas. For this purpose the company in Belgium over a network of 3,800 km of underground pipelines, transport links to and from France, Netherlands and Germany. Fluxys annually transports approximately 17.5 billion cubic meters of natural gas for consumption in Belgium. The methane terminal of Fluxys Zeebrugge LNG ships unloaded and liquid natural gas stored in large tanks before it is re-gasified and is transported to the end customers. The capacity of the terminal is 9 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year. In 2009, 78 ships were unloaded at the terminal and it carried 4.8 million tons of LNG, equivalent to 6.3 billion cubic meters of natural gas.

Fluxys also holds a majority stake of 90% in Huberator, the short-term for natural gas in Zeebrugge. It was the first of its kind on the European continent, and had 76 affiliated members at the end of 2009. Fluxys have any interests in two gas pipelines in the UK, namely: a 10% interest in Interconnector UK , between Zeebrugge and Bacton, and a 20% stake in the company BBL . The latter company has a pipeline lying Balgzand at Den Helder in the Netherlands to Bacton . In January 2012 made Fluxys and the Italian gas company Snam a far-reaching partnership known. The two companies want to exploit new opportunities in the gas market, including the transmission, storage and LNG activities. They also want to contribute to a better integration of their infrastructure which implies a better link the North and South European gas networks.

In January 2010, Fluxys launched by the VTN 2 project. This project involves the construction of a second pipeline along the existing RTR 1 line between Eynatten and Opwijk. The pipe has a length of 170 kilometers and involves an investment of 300 million. Fluxys wants the natural gas transport capacity between Belgium and France to significantly increase. This project includes the construction of a new 125-kilometer line between the compressor station in Winksele and the Belgian-French border. End of 2013, the lead in use after a capital expenditure of around EUR 700 million. In 2007, Fluxys and consult customers on a possible extension of the capacity of the LNG terminal in Zeebrugge. In the same terminal is working on a second jetty since 2011. Here ships dock with a capacity of 217,000 cubic meters of LNG and is expected to be completed till 2014.

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