2009 best year, 2008 worst year forRoyal Dutch Shell

For years it are very negative times for the investors in Royal Dutch Royal Dutch Shell . Even without dividend payments the stock is one of the outperformers from as well oil & gas sector as the Dutch exchange. The received dividends are a cherry on the cake for investors.

The matrix above shows Royal Dutch Royal Dutch Shell 's historical returns expressed in the different entry years in the left axis.

The stock was clobbered in 2008, losing 35 percent in value. The year 2016 is so far the best year for the stock as it gained 23 percent in value during this period. Investors who invested in the share in 2008 (price at that time 28,75) euros now even have a price gain of 52 percent.

Over the current book year the total revenue will be 395,08 billion euros (consensus estimates). This is rather significant more than 2017's revenue of 305,18 billion euros.

Historical revenues and results Royal Dutch Royal Dutch Shell plus estimates 2018

stock graphs

The analysts expect for 2018 a net profit of 23,32 billion euros. According to most of the analysts the company will have a profit per share for this book year of 2,72 euros. With this the price/earnings-ratio is 10,51.

Huge dividend Royal Dutch Royal Dutch Shell

Per share the analysts anticipate on a dividend of 1,86 euros per share. Thus the dividend yield equals 6,51 percent. The average dividend yield of the oil & gas producers equals a poor 1 percent.

Latest estimates around 32 euros

The latest 3 recommendations for the oil & gas producer were provided by Berenberg, Standard & Poors and DZ Bank.

Royal Dutch Royal Dutch Shell 's market capitalization is based on the number of outstanding shares around 125,95 billion euros. The Royal Dutch Royal Dutch Shell stock was the past 12 months quite volatile. Since last October the stock is 17 percent higher. This year the stock price moved between 24 and 31 euro. Since 2008 the stock price is almost 44 percent higher.

Historical stock prices Royal Dutch Royal Dutch Shell

stock graphs royaldutchshell

On Friday the stock closed at 28,59 euros.

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