Top 5 Female Life Coaches In The USA That Can Transform Your Life In 2021

NEW YORK, April 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The world of Online life coaching is starting to pick up momentum in the current age of this pandemic. Mindset is arguably the foundation of all achievement, and during this crazy year of 2021, it showed that people from across the globe should have some solid foundations in order to achieve success and peace of mind.

According to Building Your Authority, there is a simple and effective way for those looking to capitalise on this pandemic to stay informed with what’s working. Keeping up with the select few female life coaches, Each with their own unique methods and coaching styles will give your wellness and mindset the advantage it needs during times like this.

However, as it is often challenging to find an online life coach arena that we can resonate with, identifying true experts from the crowd can be a difficult task. To make things easier to navigate, we have compiled the following list:

1.   Lisa Leit (@happywholehuman)

Lisa Leit, Ph.D., MCC is the Founder of the Happy Whole Human (HWH) Institute of Holistic Wellness, an expert in the field of developmental psychology, and a Master Certified Coach . Recognized as one of the 2021 Top Visionaries in Healthcare by the IFAH, she has worked with individuals, couples, families, and leadership teams of organizations to overcome obstacles and live happy, whole lives for 16 years. The validated HWH Self-Assessment program is based on Lisa’s doctoral research on interpersonal psychology and at the University of Texas at Austin and works with 2000+ clients and students. In customized group initiatives, including high impact coaching and management consulting, her unique HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® (HWH) holistic wellness assessment program identifies and addresses hidden risk factors to health and fosters meaningful, measurable, and lasting results for individuals and teams. Lisa offers a DIY Happy Whole Human online program, and individual, family, and team coaching.

2.    Helen Godfrey (@helengodfrey)

Helen Godfrey, MA, NCC , BCC is the founder of The Authentic Path and has been in the career services industry since 2000. She offers virtual career and life coaching via phone or secure video. She loves to help clients figure out who they are, what they want, and how to explain it to others. Her career coaching services include: resume critiques, LinkedIn profile reviews, job search strategies, interviewing skills (one of her favourite things), cover letters, and figuring out a career path. You can find a list of her coaching methods here:

Her life coaching services cover topics such as setting achievable goals and working through specific challenges such as time management, procrastination, and organizational skills. To find out more on how Helen can transform your life you can take a look at her E-documents here, Or You can find her and watch 2 workshops that were presented for IEEE with universal messages regarding writing a resume and interviewing skills.

3.   Patrycja (@blisswithtrish)

With a deep passion and drive for helping others, Patrycja's journey took her in all different directions, until she found her purpose. Having been in an abusive, toxic relationship, which led to all kinds of issues including anxiety and low self-esteem, it took Patrycja years of personal development to take back control of her life, and reclaim the life she knew she deserved. "The moment I freed myself I focused very heavily on personal development and self-improvement. That's when my spiritual journey began along with finding myself during my solo trips," Patrycja explained. Her company BlisswithTrish, is all about increasing your confidence and creating more ease, flow, and abundance in your business. Using advanced coaching methods combining Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques and T.I.M.E. Techniques, Patrycja is able to create deep, lasting transformations - helping you unleash your inner badass. Patrycja's passion, drive and ability to connect with others has been paramount in the success of both her and her clients, helping them create massive shifts in both their lives and business.

4.    Chelsea Blackburn (@chelseaaabri)

Chelsea Blackburn is a life and love coach for people with endometriosis. As the founder and CEO of Endo Babe Empowerment, she helps people with endometriosis learn to live well and find purpose beyond their pain by guiding them in areas of health, relationships, mindset, and spirituality. With her unique perspective, she helps people with endometriosis look at their pain through a new lens and empowers them to become leaders in all areas of their life. Chelsea is also the host of the Endo Babe Podcast where she shares empowering conversations with leading experts including endometriosis excision specialist Dr. Andrew Cook among others. Through her 1:1 coaching program, she works with clients heavily on their mentality around endometriosis, self-love, and chronic pain to help them cope with their endometriosis in new ways, deepen their understanding and connection to themselves and others, cultivate meaningful relationships, and lean into pleasure despite their pain.

5.    Julie Rivera (@coachingwithjulz)

Julie Rivera is the founder of Coaching with Julz and the co-host of a podcast called “Our Chic Chat”. As a Life Coach , Julie helps others step into the vision they see for their own life getting rid of self-limiting beliefs. Focusing on mindset transformation clients can expect to be able to identify and remove the obstacles standing in their way of achieving personal or professional goals. It wasn’t until Julie received coaching herself that she was able to spring into action and change her own life. Learning that Life happens “FOR me and not TO me” was a game-changer. This passion has helped cultivate her mission to continue to spread the message through her own coaching practice.

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