Cofinimmo extends its healthcare portfolio to Spain

Cofinimmo settles in Spain with a first pipeline of five construction projects in healthcare real estate. The total investment budget for both the plots of land and works amounts to 45 million EUR. The projects are already pre-let to one of Spain’s major operators. Spain has approximately 47 million inhabitants, of whom 19% are older than 65 and 6% are more than 80 years old.

This current demographic situation is similar to the one in other European countries. However, the Spain offers interesting growth opportunities as its ageing population is expected to increase significantly faster than in Belgium and France (in Spain, the number of people over 65 increases with more than 1.8% every year, compared with roughly 1.3% in Belgium or France). Moreover, with an average of 44 beds per 1,000 people over 65 years old, Spain has less and often older nursing and care homes than other European countries. It is expected to catch up rapidly though. speaks with Gunther De Backer from Cofinimmo.