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EQT Corporation is one of the major natural gas producers in the Appalachian Basin having its corporate headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA and operating in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia and Kentucky. EQT Corp has used integrated air and horizontal drilling technology for more than 125 years. EQT provides employment to over 2,000 people and EQT’s operations added about $1.15 billion in economic exploitation from local groups. Currently the fastest growing business within the corporation, EQT Production possesses and operates more than 14,000 natural gas wells across 3.5 million acres in the Appalachian basin. The business’s showed reserves augmented by 28 percent in 2010 and by more than 120 percent over the past five years, In the Marcellus Shale region, EQT functions more than 180 wells (As of 30 September 2011) over its 520,000 acres of land in Pennsylvania and West Virginia. By the means of EQT’s midstream business, the firm constructs and operates new pipelines, processing plants and storage facilities. EQT Midstream possesses or operates nearly 11,000 miles of gathering lines and 243 compressor divisions including 125 compressor stations with approximately 256,000 horsepower of installed capacity. Transmission and storage operations comprise more than 700 miles of lines located throughout eastern Kentucky, north central West Virginia and south-western Pennsylvania. In addition, EQT Midstream also has 14 natural gas storage reservoirs with nearly 500 MMcf per day of peak delivery capability and 63 Bcf of storage capacity, of which 32 Bcf is working gas at the end of 2010. For the year 2013, EQT Corp. reported an annual revenue of US $1.9 Billion and a net profit of US $346.8 Million. In 2011, EQT released one of the first compressed natural gas (CNG) fuelling stations in Pittsburgh, located in the Strip District. The station was built to deliver cleaner burning natural gas for privately owned and commercial natural gas fueled vehicles (NGVs), including some EQT service vehicles. In addition, EQT and Equitable Gas Company (an EQT natural gas unit) transitioning its vehicles to NGVs, with passenger vehicles, compressor utility trucks, meter regulator utility trucks and cargo vans. EQT helps the community through the EQT Foundation which has contributed more than US $15 million to the charitable giving and philanthropic efforts of many regions. EQT is one of the few U.S based energy corporations to report sustainability performance using Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines. EQT operations deliver substantial economic influence to the regions where we do business.