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Annual report 2016

Solvay is a Belgian pharmaceutical company producing pharmaceuticals, chemical and man-made substances. Solvay is mainly active in the medical care, construction and car industries. Well known Solvay brands include ‘Androgel’, ‘Prometrium’ and ‘Marinol’. (ISIN: BE0003470755 / Mnemo: SOLB)

Solvay is the Belgium-based international chemical conglomerate, primarily in involved in the production of specialized pharmaceuticals plastics and chemicals. The main offerings of the firm include the manufacturing of broad-range products used contributing to the increased standard of living and sales among users, mainly marketed in the fields of electronics, environment, water, energy, automobile, construction and other consumer-goods. The company was founded back in the year of 1863 by Ernest Solvay, giving his name to the company and currently the company headquarter is located in Neder Over Heembeek, Brussels, Belgium.

The employees count of the company is 30,000 which are distributed in the diversified units of the company in 55 countries all over the world. The managing authorities of the company are Nicolas Boel as the Chairman and Jean Pierre Clamadieu as the Chief Executive Officer of the company. One of the main auxiliary units of the group named as Solvay America Inc. is being located in Houston in Texas.

The revenue generation of the company is 12.83 billion € with the profitability amount of 710 million €, making the total assets of the company to be 18.23 billion € and overall equity to be 6.59 billion € as per the data available in the year of 2012. The overall profit of the company can be counted as its marketing of 40 % in the highly growing regions while 90 % of the regions in which the firm has already been established among the top 3 producers of the products and services. Differently calculating all the stuff gives an overall idea of net selling of 2,986 billion €, 3,290 billion € and 6,155 billion € earning done by SOLVAY Chemicals, SOLVAY Plastics and SOLVAY Rhodia, respectively.

Three of the main divisions of the group: SOLVAY Chemicals, SOLVAY Plastics and SOLVAY Rhodia control the overall work of manufacturing and marketing of different products. SOLVAY Chemicals is the segment that is the largest manufacturer of sodium bi-carbonate, hydrogen peroxide and soda ash in the world and for the fluorinated chemicals; it is a leading firm on an international level. The second division, SOLVAY Plastics has the most diverse variety of plastics availability and is the leader manufacturer of the specialized vinyl’s and polymers worldwide. SOLVAY Rhodia is the third segment of the company which is a leading global unit and provider of specialized chemicals along with added value products serving a key for the services to the diverse fields of industry, consumer goods, home caring sector, health, fragrances, flavors, electronics and automobile.

The more specialized production of the company can be known by the example of the products including silica and other rare earth formations, designing of all being done to serve the marketing fields of surfactants, natural polymers and acetate tow. SolviCore is one of the undertakings made by collaboration of Umicore and Solvay to be used for as within fuel-cells, which is involved in the membrane electrode marketing assemblages for varied types of portable-batteries or for mobiles.

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