Stock: Cofinimmo (Belgium 20), ISIN: BE0003593044

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Annual report 2017

Cofinimmo is the foremost listed Belgian real estate company and one of the largest office property portfolios on the European market. The company manages, rents and maintains its property portfolio on a long term basis, with its own commercial and technical team. (ISIN: BE0003593044 / Mnemo: COFB)

Cofinimmo is the foremost and biggest listed Belgian based real estate company which specializes in rental property (mainly offices, healthcare properties, corporate operating properties and public properties). Cofinimmo concentrate on generating a value for their shareholders and client association while optimizing the mixture and superiority of the portfolio over the long-term horizon. Cofinimmo is a listed company on Euronext Brussels and is an integral part of the BEL20 index. As a company, they make an advantage of the Belgian fiscal Sicafi system, the French SIIC system and the Dutch FBI system. These statuses offer them the exclusion from commercial income tax on rental income and realized capital gains, a.o. in substitute for a compulsory profit distribution policy.

Cofinimmo was established in the year 1983, since then this corporation had grown strongly and profitably, making them today the primary listed real estate investor in Belgium, with a sturdy charisma in the European market. The company's shareholders are mostly private individuals and institutional investors from Belgium and overseas, this is all due to their prudent policies, investors benefit from a reasonable risk profile combine with a high dividend yield.

Company's portfolio is at present worth over 3 Billion Euro which makes them a chief corporation in the European market and consists of the properties located in Belgium, France and the Netherlands. Recently Cofinimmo have expanded through acquisition into newfangled sectors, which ultimately helps in diversifying their asset base and concentrating on extended leases and properties with the prospective to construct a residual value over the longer term. Cofinimmo take in a range of subsidiaries that organizes different aspects of their property portfolio for the countries in which they operate.

Cofinimmo investment areas cover a wide range of property types. In the office property division, the company's strategy is to concentrate on long-term leases, the caliber of tenants, best property location with an active asset arbitrage with an objective of retaining the highest quality portfolio. Investing in health care properties is done with an objective to bring more balance in the company's risk profile. Cofinimmo has developed long-term joint ventures in specialized sectors with major corporate companies.

Companies operating within these businesses desire to focus on their core business, so Cofinimmo get hold of their property assets and take the duty for the structural maintenance of the buildings, permitting them to focus on their operations. Cofinimmo lookout for steady and low-risk investments and so they maintain an interest in Public-Private Partnership projects this entails lease-finance provisions, rather than essentially obtaining ownership of the properties.

Cofinimmo has followed a commercial strategy geared to form a relationship of trust with clients and maximizing the occupancy rate of the portfolio. The company was entirely established in Belgium until 2006 after then they full-fledged set up a presence in the Netherlands and France, through long-term collaborations with lease operators. The company claims to work to maximize shareholder worth and return on investment by focusing on commercial growth and on solid operational financial performance.

Contact info:Street: Bld de la Woluwe 58 WoluwedalZip Code: 1200 BrussCity: BrusselsCountry: BelgiumPhone: +32 2 373 94 21Email: egrauls@cofinimmo.beWebsite: