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Stock: Apollo Group (US Tech), ISIN: US0376041051

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Annual report 2015

Apollo Group, Inc. was founded in 1973 in response to a gradual shift in higher education demographics from a student population dominated by youth to one in which approximately half the students are adults and over 80 percent of whom work full-time. Apollo's founder, John Sperling, believed - and events proved him right - that lifelong employment with a single employer would be replaced by lifelong learning and employment with a variety of employers. Apollo Group’s stocks are traded in New York and the company is a component of the NASDAQ 100-index (ISIN: US0376041051/ Symbol: APOL).

Contact info:Street: 4025 S. Riverpoint ParkwayZip Code: ARIZONA 85040City: PHOENIXCountry: USAPhone: (480) 9665394Email: privacy@apollo.eduWebsite: www.aollogr.eduCEO: Brian L. SwartzCFO: Greg Cappelli