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Stock: Befimmo (Bel small), ISIN: BE0003678894

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Sector Financials Subsector Real Estate
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Annual report 2015

Befimmo manages a property portfolio based on office buildings in Brussels, mainly in areas where structural demand is high. Befimmo stocks are traded on the Euronext Brussels and the company is a component of the BELMID. (ISIN: BE0003678894 / Mnemo: BEFB)

Befimmo is a multinational company that was established in December 1995, Befimmo is a Sicafi that focuses & distinctive on capitalizing in office buildings which are situated mostly in city centers, particularly in Brussels (consist of approximately 70%). The Company portfolio at present comprises of about a hundred office buildings, with an entire area of approximately 850,000 m², a hefty part of which is on a lease of long-term to Public Institutions (approximately more than 65%). The fair value of Befimmo’s portfolio aggregates to an estimate of 1,965.9 Million Euro as of 31 March 2013. Befimmo is listed on NYSE Euronext Brussels and is an active member of the BEL 20 index, Befimmo follows a comprehensive and cognizant approach of augmenting its results over the long term. The company also delivers an adequate liquidity for most of its shareholders. Befimmo is powerful enough to face the challenges of Sustainable Development in its premeditated philosophy, and models its day-to-day actions on the ethics of corporate social responsibility.

As of 1 Jan 2013, Befimmo’s undertakings are for the most part in Brussels and Economic Hinterland (where a portfolio of approximately 72.3% is set), that’s not all Flanders have approximately of 18.2%, Wallonia have approximately of 5.3% and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg with approximately of 4.2% completes the entire portfolio. Befimmo objectives are to present its shareholders a steady dividend of a composed & poised level which is relative to the Company’s risk profile. With all the knowledge & experience, Befimmo will endure to work with the same viewpoint of producing a long-term value for investors.

Befimmo follows a well-versed approach of optimizing its results over the long term and is powerful to take up the challenges of viable development in its planned & tactical philosophy, and reproduce its day-to-day undertakings on the values of company social responsibility. The company emphasis its business style mainly on following a clear and apparent strategy as a Pure Player in office structures. Customers, which are mainly the inhabitants of such buildings providing rental payments. Befimmo pursues to protect its income over the long period of time and endeavors to uphold the highest possible occupancy rate for its portfolio, building over time a link of trust with its rental clients.
Controlling costs of both the real-estate expenditures and outlays, so allowing Befimmo to rank among the accomplishment listed European groups. The company is balancing its borrowing structure to make sure its liquidity while regulating its financing costs and guarding its earnings and cash flow for long terms to counter the rises in interest rates above certain thresholds. As far as possible, Befimmo targets to provide its shareholders a constant dividend of a yield level that is well-adjusted in relative to the Company’s risk profile. Befimmo is looking forward to continue the work with the same attitude of generating long-term value for its investors.

Contact info:Street: Chaussee de Wavre 1945 Zip Code: B-1160 BRUCity: BRUSSELS Country: BelgiumPhone: 32-(0)2 679 38 Website: