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Stock: Aalberts Industries (NL Amsterdam 25), ISIN: NL0000852564

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Annual report 2017

Aalberts Industries N.V. is an international industrial group with two core activities, Industrial Services and Flow Control, and occupies top positions in the market in each of these activities. Aalberts Industries operates on the basis of a decentralised structure with significant operational management responsibilities. Aalberts Industries’ stocks are traded on the Euronext Amsterdam and the company is a component of the AMX-index (ISIN: NL0000331346/ Mnemo: AALB).

Aalberts Industries

Aalbert Industries was established by the idea Jan Aalberts in the year 1975 and is presently one the best Dutch Manufactures with a self-described mission which is referred to as Mission Critical Systems. In the year 1987 the Industries registered as an annual revenue to totaling to 22 million Euro and also became a public company. Since its foundation, Aalbert Industries has managed to spread its operations to more than 50 countries.
The industries mainly deals in four businesses these includes:
  • Building Installation
    This business majorly concentrates on production and sales of fully developed valves and piping systems which are mainly used to facilitate heating and cooling of water in either industrial, residential or commercial institutions.

  • Climate Control
    This focuses mostly on creation of hydronic-systems which runs from the source to the emission point to control heating and cooling.

  • Industrial controls
    This part of business is tasked with forming regulation to check the overall systems involved in the making of products that suit specific markets such as oil, gas, soft drinks and beer.

  • Industrial services
    This business is tasked with providing material knowledge, production skills and high quality local services for various markets such as machine building and automotive.

    Contact info:Zip Code: 3940 AA DPostbox: P.O. Box 11City: DOORNCountry: NetherlandsPhone: 31 343 565080Email: info@aalberts.nlWebsite: