Monday European publications AK Alrosa PAO and Smart Eye AB (publ)

Below you see the expected publications of the European companies. These publications can either be about quarterly results and/or yearly results.

On Aug. 19 the following European companies will publish their results.

  • Acarix AB
  • AG Anadolu Grubu Holding AS
  • AK Alrosa PAO
  • Bergenbio ASA
  • BH Macro Ltd
  • Cantargia AB
  • Conferize A/S
  • Dignitana AB
  • Eight Peaks Group Ltd
  • Marechale Capital PLC
  • Mevis Medical Solutions AG
  • Netia SA
  • NeuroVive Pharmaceutical AB
  • Promore Pharma AB
  • Safeland PLC
  • SciBase Holding AB (publ)
  • Seadrill Partners LLC
  • Smart Eye AB (publ)
  • Starbreeze AB
  • TCS Group Holding PLC
  • Techstep ASA
  • TTL Beteiligungs und Grundbesitz AG

    Compiled by editors and CFFmmunications.