Hal Trust in top Dutch dividend returns

Investors in Hal Trust can expect a huge dividend payment. Based on the recent analysts' consensus the stock now has one of the highest dividend returns of the Dutch market. For this year most of the analysts expect a dividend of 5.09 euros per share. Hal Trust 's dividend yield thus equals 3.58 percent. The average dividend yield of the investment companies equals an attractive2.37 percent.

Historical dividend returns Hal Trust

Tomorrow the Dutch Hal Trust will publish its past quarters figures. Over the current book year the company from Monaco could achieve a revenue around 5.5 billion euros (consensus estimates). This is slightly more than 2020's revenue of 5.18 billion euros.

Historical revenues and results Hal Trust plus estimates 2020


The analysts expect for 2021 a net profit of 508 million euros. The majority of the analysts expects for this year a profit per share of 4.85 euros. Based on this the price/earnings-ratio is 29.28.

Recent target prices around 171 euros

KBC Securities, ABN AMRO and ER Capital recently provided recommendations for the stock.

Based on the current number of shares Hal Trust 's market capitalization equals 11.84 billion euros. The Hal Trust stock was the past 12 months quite volatile. Since last March the stock is even 34 percent higher. This year the stock price moved between 104 and 142 euro.

Historical stock prices Hal Trust period 2007-2021

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Click here for dividend Hal Trust. At 10.55 the stock trades 0.14 percent higher at 142 euros.

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