Larry Page-backed transportation start-up to introduce its pilotless flying car

Alphabet co-founder and Alphabet CEO Larry Page-backed autonomous flying taxi firm Monday displayed its commercial plane called Cora, CNBC reported.

In 2016, Page decided to invest in two flying car start-ups. One of them is Kitty Hawk, which is creating and developing Cora. The company unveiled footage of electric aircraft prototype that flew over water last year.

Cora is an autonomous car which can travel at 150 kmh. It is an electric vehicle with a range of 100 kilometres. It does not need runaways as it can take off and land vertically.

The company did not specify a timeline when the flying taxi can start offering its service. But Kitty Hawk CEO Sebastian Thrun said that Cora would take to the sky within five years. Cora is expected to be “Uber for the skies”in 2021. .

Cora is the name of a town in North Carolina, where the Wright Brothers finished their historical controlled flight.

Kitty Hawk is now partnering with the New Zealand government to promote its air taxi. The company has an affiliated New Zealand operator called Zephyr Airworks.

Last April, Kitty Hawk tested another autonomous vehicle prototype called”Flyer”. Interestingly, the vehicle looked more like a jet ski instead of a plane or a car.

Many companies are developing futuristic vehicles

Several other firms such as Airbus, Boeing , Porsche, and Uber are also developing commercialized flying taxis.

Boeing took over Aurora Flight Sciences last year to develop pilotless taxis. Aurora previously worked together with Uber to develop an autonomous taxi as well.

People are familiar with self-driving cars hitting the roads. Regulators are starting to give a green light for tests of such a vehicle on public roads. But, what will regulators do to deal with a pilotless taxi? News Wire & Equity Research: +31 084-0032-842

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