Wells Fargo Asset Management launches USD Investment Grade Credit Fund

Wells Fargo Asset Management announces the launch of the USD Investment Grade Credit Fund, a new sub-fund of the Wells Fargo (Lux) Worldwide Fund. Since its launch on 15 December 2016 the Fund has raised close to $100mm of client assets. The new fund broadens the present product line-up and provides more investment options to investors. The fund is UCITS compliant and available to institutional and retail investors.

The USD Investment Grade Credit Fund is managed by Scott Smith, CFA and Jonathan Terry, CFA, and it invests in US Dollar-denominated credit debt securities rated investment grade at the time of purchase. With over 20 years of experience managing a credit focus style, with no turn-over of key decision makers, the investment team focuses on bottom-up credit research with a focus on well-underwritten credits and relative value. The fund seeks to balance income while targeting a competitive yield to drive total returns.