Redington named New Growth Firm of Last 20 Years

Redington has been named the New Growth Firm of the Last 20 Years at Financial News' prestigious 20th Anniversary Awards for Excellence in European Finance.

Since it was founded in 2006 by Dawid KonoteyAhulu and Robert Gardner, Redington has earned widespread respect for having the confidence to stand out from the crowd. It was among the early leaders in persuading pension funds to use derivatives to hedge against inflation and interest rate changes, while more recently it has made public its stance not to go down the fiduciary management route.

One judge said: "They have always had the client at the heart of their advice and they have not compromised at any stage in seeking to understand and come up with solutions for clients."

Despite enjoying considerable success in its first 10 years, the firm has refused to stand still. It launched a DC consulting business in 2015 in a bid to plug into what is set to be a fast-growing area of the UK market and in March 2016 promoted Mitesh Sheth to chief executive.

The judge added: "The firm has handled succession planning well – it has thought about the firm’s leadership for the next part of its journey."