Court ruled in filing of Euronext versus BinckBank/TOM

Today the District Court of The Hague ruled in the case Euronext N.V. and Euronext Amsterdam N.V. ("Euronext") filed against TOM Holding N.V., TOM Broker B.V., TOM B.V. and BinckBank N.V. (BinckBank).

The Court awarded a number of claims of Euronext. BinckBank has been ordered to refrain from infringement of the database rights and misleading advertising about Smart Execution, as well as the use of certain ticker symbols and data of Euronext. Furthermore, BinckBank will follow the Court's order to place a prescribed text on its websites.

BinckBank has also been summoned to pay damages suffered by Euronext, of which the amount is to be determined in a damage assessment procedure.

In the past period BinckBank has already applied a number of changes that comply with the Court's order. BinckBank will implement the remaining rulings within the allotted timeframe. BinckBank examines its position regarding appeal.