Euronext launches spotlight options on Grandvision, D'Ieteren and Ontex

Euronext launches new spotlight options on GrandVision, D'Ieteren and Ontex shares (option trading symbols: GVN, IET and ONT).The spotlight options are available on the derivatives market of Euronext Brussels (D'Ieteren and Ontex) and Amsterdam (GrandVision).

Spotlight options have short-term maturities of 1, 2 and 3 months and expire on the third Friday of the expiry month. The contract size equals 100 shares. These new introductions bring the number of spotlight options to 15, of which eight are traded on Euronext Brussels and seven on Euronext Amsterdam.

Since their launch, more than 70,000 spotlight options contracts have already been traded on Euronext by a broad range of retail and institutional investors looking for innovative investment opportunities.