TOM starts cooperation with Susquehanna

Susquehanna International Securities Ltd., a leading provider of on-screen liquidity in both index and equity options on European exchanges, has become a Member on TOM MTF as of 9 October 2014. With the connection of Susquehanna International Securities Ltd., TOM MTF expects to further enhance the liquidity and quality of trading on its trading platform.

Willem Meijer, CEO of TOM (The Order Machine): "Susquehanna joining TOM MTF will certainly help TOM in its ambition to become the leading Dutch derivatives venue in the Netherlands. With the clients recently connected to TOM our market share will further grow from 33% to 40-50% by the end of 2014"

John Keogh, Director of Susquehanna: "We are pleased to connect to and trade on the TOM market. We recognize that more and more investors' transactions are now being traded on TOM."