Taxation on Bitcoin and intervention of Ukrainian Government

The legislatures and delegates of the bitcoin industry have passed a statement law regarding the bitcoin transaction in Ukraine. This declaration is still in draft form. They have asserted that a 5% tax inclusion will be made mandatory in all bitcoin related incomes.

In this way businesses and entrepreneurs are required to pay 5% tax from their bitcoin trading and mining transactions once they become approved. The fact that the Ukrainian government is conducting military activities since the beginning of conflict in east, this 5%is an extra burden.

The citizens are already expected to give 1.5% tax because of utilizing Ukrainian military security measures as they owe the government.

Bitcoin does not have centralized authority in Ukraine

Although the transactions and trading in Ukraine is increasingly dependent on bitcoin, the cryptocurrency does not have government’s legal control and regulation. In fact the emerging segment of the country that deals in bitcoin expects government intervention in its regulation, it will unlikely that it may happen. It is because the executives in Kiev are reluctant and extremely relaxed in giving this matter a sheer consideration. They are not progressing towards figuring out what to do regarding bitcoin transactions in Ukraine.

Their indolence in looking in to this matter is evident in this fact. Three bills regarding bitcoin having centralized control are filed since October. About fourth one it is said that it will be filed in September. These bills are anxiously waiting for approval.

Taxation on Bitcoin

Given the fact the now when Ukraine government is almost at an edge in deciding to control the bitcoin activity by its regulatory laws and control once for all, a new concept have been added in it. The inclusion of light taxation in incomes earned in bitcoin. The drafting of the new bill will be done by mutual agreement of Ukrainian law maker, Oleksiy Mushak and 24 agents from bitcoin related businesses.

Their joint efforts in scanning the issue regarding Bitcoin central regulation compelled them to draft a law that propagates a taxation on bitcoin income. This move is temporary implemented although these representatives expect it to be full imposed by 2019. They are also envisioning the permanence of this law till 2025.

Liga Business has testified that the main feature of this draft entails a 5% tax on the profits that are generated from bitcoin trading and mining. This news outlet also asserts how the taxation will be charged. The taxation will be imposed on the net result of the buying and selling of digital assets. And it will also be imposed on the net result of mining income and mining expenses.

The important thing to note is that the taxation will only be enforced when the trading involved in bitcoin funds is once sanctioned or the payments regarding property needs to be done. The taxation will not be employed on bitcoin to bitcoin transactions.

Perception of Crypto business regarding the new law

Mushak notes that the representatives of Crypto business are highly positive and optimistic towards the schemes of the new law. They believe that although the government cannot control bitcoin to bitcoin trading with its laws, but once the bitcoin is given approval such move of imposing tax is ideal. Artiom Afyan, the managing partner at Ukrainian Law firm notes that in reality i 5% tax is the prize the crypto business needs to pay to the government in order to get their bitcoin incomes legitimate.

An additional charge

In addition to the 5% tax, the citizens who are profiting from bitcoin trading in Ukraine are also expected to pay 1.5% of tax from their incomes to the Ukrainian military forces. This inclusion is the result of the security and military measures provided to the citizens. The citizens are indebted to pay the military department of Ukraine so that the revenue generated from the tax can be allotted to fund the armed forces with military supplies.

The tax was imposed since spring of 2014 as a temporary measure as the Ukrainian army was in conflict with the Russian forces.

How the bitcoin will be regulated

The new bill claims that the crypto market will now be monitored and controlled by National Securities and Stock Market Commission. These regulatory bodies who are in charge of bitcoin transactions after July claimed positively about its role. They assert that bitcoin is an asset that functions as a means of exchange and store value. Moreover they are now under strict regulation from the government. As a result the commission will take the responsibility of authorizing the bitcoin and will regulated the flow of Initial Coin Offering. The tax imposition should be by the Finance and Fiscal policy control department.

However the advisor to Ukraine Electronic Government agency also claims that the new bill and its laws should not solely deal with the regulation. They should also protect investors and their stake in businesses. So instead of tax regulatory regimes, tax regulatory breaks should be enhanced and furthered by the new bill. News Wire & Equity Research: +31 084-0032-842

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